17 ‘On The Spot Break-up Moments’ which are extremely Hilarious

There are so many reasons for a relationship to go down the drain and not all of them are logical. But you know what, logics are a thing of the past and they also make you yawn. Moreover, getting into a relationship is fairly easy but getting out of it, not so much. You need to think of all the reasons they are not right for you. It can get a bit emotional at times and hence, it can take a toll on you.

Hence, it is better to be as bizarre as humanly possible so that they think you are crazy and thank god for dodging a bullet.

And in case, being illogical is not your forte then you gotta learn from the best. Therefore, here’s a compilation of confessions in which people are telling all sorts of reasons they kicked their SOs to the curb.



1. In case you were wondering, yes this is bizarre.

2. This makes me sad. It really does.


3. Job well done, lady. You deserve better.

4. Some things haunt you forever.

5. Never settle on being the other woman.

6. Memes are life, bro.

7. A virgin you say. She doesn’t accept that.

8. What kind of monster doesn’t like a dog!

9. Yes, you did. You made the right move.

10. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

11. Maybe, he did it so that she dumps him.

12. That’s definitely something to be sad about.

13. Girl, you have as many pizzas as you want.

14. This tells a lot about his character.

15. Oh no, she didn’t! *frowns in shock*

16. Cheaters should never be forgiven.

17. Love is blind but it can be deaf as well.