21 Customers Mourning Deeply After Their Disastrous Online Purchase

Online shopping is a lot more convenient alternative to the typical sweating-you-bones-out-while-you-power-walk-in-every-store shopping. It has taken the world by storm, opening a bizarre amount of options for every person in need of something.

You can sit back in the comfort of your home and find anything you need. However, at times, the online retail shops fail you badly. Your expectations of the product are met with the dreadful reality as they arrive at your doorstep. You are left with shock and a scar.

These people are scared as well. Our sympathies.



1. The dimensions of the product were quite unclear.

2. It’s three foot down for the pool. Exactly, what we need this summer. Thank you, dear online retailers.

3. Look like a perfect fit for the finger.

4. When you trust Amazon and it fails you.

5. Looks exactly like the one they advertised.

6. These chairs are the perfect fit for anyone about one foot.

7. What a class these shoes are conveying!

8. Expectation Vs reality IRL.

9. These chest of drawers specially designed for a pet mouse.

10. The dustpan looks good enough to carry the dirt of an entire block.

11. This dress looks so flattering.

13. Buying these shoes online is a very bad decision.

14. The kind of punching bag which everyone needs for a little fun.

15. A pillow your head cannot trust on.

16. Quite a nice blanket this one.

17. When you order two shirts and receive some safety tags instead.

18. Now, you’d know what you weigh.

19. A bouquet for mothers day. Yikes!

20.Beauty products nowadays!

21. One doll which every man desires vs stuff what nightmares are made of.

(h/t: eBaum’s World)