24 Panoramic Flops Which Will Make You Laugh Till Your Stomach Hurts

With the technology getting enhanced every day, we all are quite accustomed to the various features provided to us by the gadgets we love so much. Most of all, we all love to take pictures with our beloved phones and camera. Being aware of the panorama feature, it has helped us in clicking a tonne of amazing snaps but at times when things go wrong, you are left with nothing to do but laugh out loud at the hilariousness of it.

Here are a few panoramic shots that went wrong.



1. Here’s a hand where the head should’ve been.

2. This tiny version of a horse.


3. A very snaily baby.

4. This latest supercar is too good.

5. “Is there something on my face?”

6. Say cheese for the camera.

7. Attached to the head.

8. I don’t see what’s wrong with this picture.

9. What is cuter than a dog? A three-headed do.

10. Oh, wait! We are falling away.

11. All colliding into one.

12. No one can dodge his punch.

13. Who needs a body when you have a head?

14. A hand for a selfie stick.

15. What a classy horse!

16. Never seen a man’s body diving like that.

17. Co-joined head and legs.

18. Then, there is this never-ending dog.

19. Resting the head on the chest.

20. Nice way of putting things.

21. Shoes walking down the ramp walk.

22. Dogs are getting quite the footage in this article.


(h/t: Dailymail)