30 Parenting Hacks You Need To Know Right Away To Make Your Life Easier

There is nothing more challenging than being a parent. It is a life full of ups and downs and endless “Whys?”. That’s okay though, because you love your little munchkins, and you wouldn’t trade being a parent for all the world. But would it be a sin to try and make your life a little easier? Just a little bit? No. Of course not.

Here are 30 of the best parenting hacks from around the internet. These hacks have been tried and tested by other parents. And may we just point out how brilliant they are? They will leave you wondering why you never thought of them sooner.



1. Tired of sticky fingers? Slide a cupcake liner on sticky treats!

2. A sprinkling of glitter on the “tooth fairy’s” money will make it seem a little more magical.


3. A bed sheet over a cot makes for a convenient shelter from the sun.

4. Unfold those shoulder flaps to make a onesie easier to get into.

5. Some hot glue dots fix slippery shoes.

6. Is your kid an aspiring artist? Some WD-40 should clean that right up!

7. Prevent apple slices from going brown by sprinkling them with salt then rinsing them in water.

8. One pool noodle should be enough to keep your kid from falling off their bed!

9. Are your kids getting in your hair? Create a safe hammock out of a blanket!

10. Unfold the flaps at the side of a juice box to make it easier for them to hold.

11. Make sure your kid is always wearing their safety bracelet in case they get lost.

12. Diapers are more advanced than you would think. The blue line means it is time to change, but yellow is still safe.

13. Use takeaway containers to keep baby’s pacifiers clean.

14. A little water or “monster spray” should keep the monsters away!

15. Turn a crazy straw upside down to keep your kid from pulling it out of the cup.

16. One rubber band is all you need to keep your child from using too much lotion.

17. Use parking pals to keep your kids from running off.

18. A little sign should ensure that your toilet paper lasts longer.

19. Put a dollop of paint in a Ziploc bag, tape it shut and watch baby entertain him/herself for hours!

20. It is summer-time, and you are going to need this!

21. All you really need to baby-proof your house is a couple of pool noodles.

22. Washing hands is important! So help your little one reach the sink. All you need is an empty lotion bottle.

23. Is your son having problems with his aim? Help him out by installing a target.

24. A rubber band will keep your child from locking themselves in a room.

25. A lint roller should get rid of all that glitter on your clothes/furniture.

26. Two tablespoons of fabric softener and water should untangle any doll’s hair.

27. Help your child know the difference between left and right by putting a sticker in their shoe.

28. Putting some crayons in a tin makes a convenient travel-sized entertainment kit!

29. Freeze a sponge, put it in a Ziploc bag, and there you have a convenient ice pack!

30. Create a baby-sitter template so that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.