16 Parents Share Funny Stories From Their Daily Family Life

Parenthood is a beautiful thing. But isn’t it strange that every parent you will ever meet will tell you not to have kids? They are a gift, but they are also a nightmare. After all, what other human beings would draw on your walls, pee in their beds and generally turn your life upside down and still be loved?

Recently, some parents took to Twitter to share some of the funniest stories about their kids. We have to admit that they made us laugh, and sort of want kids of our own. Because at the end of the day, those little terrors make life worth living.



1. It is important to know the difference so that you can be prepared.

2. This guy should be in charge of everything. That is a brilliant idea.


3. Ah yes, the joys of parenting. You get a new appreciation for your bladder control.

4. I can relate to this kid, I have always wanted a blue tongue.

5. He does have a fair point. Let the candy be shared!

6. That’s called “selective focus” and I believe it is quite common.

7. Two equally important statements.

8. Mine is a lizard, what about yours?

9. Good news! You get to rub it in their faces once their adults. Hang in there, buddy.

10. Can we just agree that that is the worst game ever?

11. Yeah, but what else is she supposed to use? Have a heart, woman!

12. It should be an Olympic sport. I would pay to see that.

13. Better get your TGIF out of your system before you have kids then.

14. Oh well, at least she will have an interesting life. I vote Megatron!

15. To be fair, Disneyland is so magical you can’t be sure that it is real.

16. They don’t look it, but those little monsters are very strong. Like, scary strong.