This is What People in The 1900’s Thought The World Would be Like Today

With the growth of technology nowadays, you can’t help but wonder what people in the 1900’s thought our current world would look like. Picture this scene, in front of you, you have two cars, one is an old diesel tractor-like thing and the other is a Bently GT. Put yourself in each cars era, in the time when diesel tractor-like cars were the talk of the world, that was about the fastest thing you could get in terms of a motorized vehicle. Also back then you had to be reasonably wealthy to obtain one. Now step out of that era and into ours, we have cars in our day and age that can do more than 200 km/h easily with no effort at all. But getting back to the point, the next 21 paintings will without a doubt be very amusing.



1. She is just impatient.

2. Nightmare barber.



 3. The modern one is better.


 4. Glorified “Booz-Cruise” on wheels.

5. This guy is lazy.

6. This looks like her own personal torture room.

 7. I’d be worried if I were the guy on the right.

8. This dude in front is really into his beer!

9. That thing just looks pure dangerous!

10. The French were always overboard.

11. The guy who is chasing his dog seems angry…

12. Nowadays we call that Skype!

13. Oops… postman is busted…

14. ‘Hurry Harry! This bird is crazy!”

15. A giant puking bird… how creative.

16. The guy on the far right is waving traffic past.

17. Wooo… I wanted to be a cowboy baby.

18. This is how you hook birds, guys…

19. The leading fish so wants to die.

20. This guy seems cocky.

21. The workhorse of the sea.

So, with all these images in mind, do you really think today’s world will ever get to any of those? No, but to be fair, the use of machines is very important in today’s modern society. I mean, the device you reading this article on is a machine. But yea…old people get it wrong every time when it comes to technology, L.O.L