24 Stupid People who Directly Deserves A Tight Slap from Mark Zuckerberg

It’s been quite obvious that Instagram has taken over the social media stardom in its grasp which was once Facebook’s holy grail. The blue F letter that rose so high maintaining its position for years receiving positive reviews from people all over the world. And now a new era has started with the Instagram world, but Facebook will always have a soft corner in our hearts for us the millennials, as it is kinda like the first crush. Might I say, there were funny moments too, some people who just nails it every time in proving their stupidity in front of the world, and the irony is they still don’t get it.

To show you the miserable Fb fails and savage posts here are some pictures below. Have one last look!



1. “Out of his own league”, damn right!

2. And no one wants to know what happened.

3. This has reached the epitome of stupidity.

4. That awkward moment when people don’t understand sarcasm.

5. You gotta take a great look at the mirror before you showdown others.

6. Debra, you know they’re coming for you.

7. Are they talking about an earthquake?

8. That’s not even a proper looking man, in fact, its half of a man.

9. That’s what every other person would ask as well, nothing spooky about it.

10. Omg, the green spot is where the Orcas live in the park, not a parking spot!

11. That’s a cool way to make an exit.

12. Oh no, when will Kevin’s height joke get over.

13. He’ll never get the humor, will he? Poor guy!

14. Why would people share such stories, ughh!

15. I don’t even want to ask any of my guy friends about this.

16. Dude, the app loves your dog, accept it!


18. That was savage enough to burn.

19. You picked the wrong fight, some just love to smudge on the face!

20. Great, at least you’re persistent on saying ‘no’.

21. Man, why would you go to such lengths to prove you’re definitely stupid?

22.  Great story, still figuring it out why I had to read that comment.

23. Yes, this trend gotta stop, it’s too long!

24. Haha, now this is damn funny!

(h/t: eBaum’s World)