27 People who are Lazier than the Couch Potatoes

If you’re lazy and you know it, clap your hands! What? You’re too lazy for that too, no wonder why! This is a global issue that every family on the face of the earth is facing. You always have that one member of the family who will always make excuses to do the chores. Or in this case, if you’re that person, might I suggest, you must’ve come up with crazy ideas to even do a simple normal household chore.

It’s like we tend not to use even a tiny bit of physical energy and instead, we use the brain to think of something inventive to spare us the physical exhaustion, like going down the stairs, walking the dog, switching off the lights, etc. It’s the fest of creativity and it’s beauty, if you try being positive about it. So, in order to celebrate the ‘art of laziness and it’s creativity’ here are some people trying their best to dodge away from any physical strain. Even breathing can be exhausting sometimes! Haha.



1. It’s the whole reason why humans invented wheels in the first place.

2. Those Huskies are put to use I see.

3. Only if potato sprouts are what you plant to eat.

4. No, that’s not the way you walk a dog.

# As long as you can see the roads!


5. On the bright side, she managed to work for ordering the pizza.

6. Poor guy, hope you don’t strangle yourself.

7. The exact moment when you wanna lie down and also watch the show.

8. Having a neat freak craziness but also lazy at the same time.

# Every year when we fall the clocks back an hour


9. Because you gotta be home in 3 mins and your mum doesn’t let you have sugar.

10. Diva bath but you are also a foodie.

11. No spoon, expensive nail extensions and that’s when the hanger comes in handy.

12. As pillows are just so mediocre.

13. Let’s just imagine that the driver is late for work and his boss is a devil.


14. Yeah right, walking is so freaking tiring.

15. That look delicious! or not?


16. Nailing at babysitting with ease.

17. I used to do this before, very helpful if you ask me.

18. Who else is getting an iron stand now?

19. That’s what straws are for, be creative!

20. Someone likes their sausages perfectly warm on all angles.

21. But why? How is this even making sense?

22. Keep paddling grandpa, you’re surfing well!

23. And this lady is a genius with fruits.

24. Wow, they are very loving siblings I suppose.

25. Because why not!?

(h/t: eBaum’s World)