23 People Who Try To Get Away Lying On The Internet But Got Caught Brutally

Even though “Lying” is not included in the seven deadly sins of historical teachings, it is, in fact, a very wildly manipulated sin that every one of today’s world is using as an excuse. We’ve all been taught since infancy that it’s not a good habit to have, and lying is utterly bad. But common, it’s becoming almost impossible to live without lying, and also some people have glorified versions of lies, like white lies, whatever that is!

One thing I don’t understand is, people who have the nerves to post pictures on social media which are so obvious that they’re definitely lying (We know you photoshopped Chris brown in the picture, Martha, stop lying!). Or that time when we text someone expecting a reply, but if it doesn’t work out we tell them it was a message sent by an alien because obviously we live on Mars. How stupid is that? God, it’s super annoying!

Yes, those same lame cover-ups are what we have below in the pictures, start cursing! Because that’s what you’ll be doing for the next 3 mins.



1. It’s like saying sorry after stabbing someone!

2. And who the hell clicked the picture?


3. I don’t wanna get my hands dirty on this matter.

4. Why are mums always peeking everywhere?

5. It’s okay, just a wasted ticket for boxing!

6. Oh, how bad of a liar but nice legs though.

7. Maybe if you had some sense you wouldn’t look so obvious.

8. The cat has a very good vocabulary!

9. Are you kidding me, bruh?

10. Poor guy, he did try though!

11. And she blames the social experiment, shame on you!

12. The comeback is so cheesy, yuck!

13. Yeah, you just accidentally happened to click the perfect selfie and the world is dumb.

14. I’m going to lock myself in the bathroom and stop reading this convo.

15. Oh really? We totally believe you!

16. The photos are too great to be accidental.

17. No! You are dumb!

18. Who kisses like that?

19. Aha, the elf joke isn’t doing you any good!

20. Doesn’t he know it’s the same id?

21. Is she Savanna from Havanna?

22. Truck? Seriously, that’s such a lame backup.

23. Enough with the hacking excuse.

(h/t: ebaumsworld)