17 People who Outsmarted Everyone with their Awesome Hacks

Smartness is all about having better working brain cells than the rest of your fellow humans. But at times, no matter how hard you try, you cannot solve the situation at hand. Making things work in a better way seems like a dream to you. Then, there are other humans who are nailing the art of being something other than just bookish smart. They are actually using their capabilities to bring out the practical side of braininess they innate.

You simply stare at such people with wonder in your eyes, hoping to god that some of it rubs off on you as well. In case you have never met such amazing people, we have examples of them in abundance. They are literally everywhere. You simply have to look carefully.



1. Cannot get better than this, can they?

Simply use your flat iron to get the collar straight.


2. You gotta take worse steps to make things happen at times.

It actually worked.

3. While nothing else ever makes sense, this definitely does.

And Math finally came to use.

4. Your privileges of being a son have been officially revoked.

No sneaking into the fridge now.

5. It’s Tesla, people. Do not have second thoughts.

6. The next time you open the fridge, you better know what you are getting into.

The weight is where it should be.

7. Keep the mobile in your cap and everything in the world will be better again.

8. Oh, hi Mark. Did not see you coming there.

9. Keep your head intact in one place with this amazing belt hack.

10. Jerry is the best thing that happened to bartenders in a very long time.

No messing with Jerry’s pen from now onward.


11. No one is gonna touch your car now. It’s safe for the moment.


12. Tears while cutting onions is a thing of the past now. This is the new it thing.


13. Want to drink everything at once? There is a cure for it.


14. And here you thought a hanger can be used only for hanging clothes.


15. A skateboard has many usages, holding toilet paper is one of them.

Can hold four of them at once. How freaking amazing is that!


16. Come to mama, dear pasta box or she will bring you to your knees.


17. This is the new way of wearing slippers.

(Source: TheChive)