20 Times When People Tried To Recreate Beautiful Pinterest Dishes But Failed Miserably

Pinterest shows everything so perfectly. Whether you are looking for a cool home decor DIY or a food-related one, Pinterest’s posts will quickly engulf you in it’s larger than life pictures which actually seem truly simple to execute. And, you have ever tired even one of those picture-perfect DIYs you are so going to relate to this.

Bizarre, when taken to the next level, is the kind of results these people received when they sincerely tired of attempting a bakery DIY which they saw on Pinterest and thought was easily doable. Anyhow, at least they are good to laugh at if not eat. Take a look at the mess they created.



1. Meet the evil cousins of this cute green duck.

2. The confidence of cakes themselves is speaking leaps & bounds here.

3. The doggie you never want to pet or plate.

4. At least the bunny has got her eyes right.

5. A super mashed version of a classic white pasta.

6. The sweet dreams of a yummy rainbow muffin are now all smashed.

7. Disgusting much?

8. We know that the heart wants what it wants, but that burned thing, NEVER!

9. The only similarity between the two is the accurate shade of yellow.

10. Can’t figure how can this even happen!

11. Well, almost there..around..somewhere.

12. Probably the baker has never had a watermelon. That’s the only explanation possible.

13. Oops! That might remind you of something “dirty”.

14. Wonder who is going to end up eating that!

15. The colors look similar, well almost.

16. The most bizarre attempt at baking ever!

17. Even the strawberries looked depressed.

18. “Hey honey, I made a platter of colorful chaos for dinner.”

19. No one’s rolling here.

20. The classic gummy bear cake fail is here.

(source: TheSun)