20 People Share How Their Stupid Colleagues Got Fired From Their Job

Let’s accept it we all have that weird co-worker whom we secretly dislike but have to deal with anyway. What else can we do right? The only thing in our control is to maintain distance, which is a hard thing to do at times. But, what happens when that silly person finally leaves the company or gets dramatically fired! Sounds relieving, no?

A similar thing happened to these people and they have happily shared the tragic and almost bizarre stories of how their silly co-worker got himself fired. Take a look.



1. He did take effort but in the wrong thing.

2. Finally an explanation for the quality of roads.

3. Must have been a hell of a fun weekend.

4. We all need to do some better habits check before recommending.

5. Honesty is the best policy?

6. This guy could be a nice dodger on a sports team.

7. Because few things can only be settled with a “bit” of alcohol.

8. You have to agree that the guy has got a lot of guts.

9. That is why one should never get way too excited at the wrong place.

10. That must have been a scene of absolute entertainment.

11. Look who made a joker out of himself in the end.

12. An insight into the bizarre state of the medical industry.

13. That called glowing but with no glory.

14. This guy seriously deserved a well-planned firing.

15. Facebook reviews matter.

16. A quick guide to getting kicked out of a company.

17. Oops!

18. That’s how you can abandon a job.

19. Nothing can ever match the satisfaction of a power nap.

20. Taking revenge on his boss, was he?

(h/t: PizzaBottle)