22 People Who Were So Wrong That You Can’t Even Think

When you try to make yourself believe that, “this can’t go any wrong”, sometimes it fires back and does get worse. It can be funny at times but when it is not, you just feel like, “how on earth is this even happening?” And some people are actually good at this. They just do stupid things and wonder, as if it’s a coincidence or something.

It’s hard when something very wrong and obvious is done by a person and you just can’t help but wonder about isn’t even right to call their stupid actions, ignorance or simply a miss? You decide it by reading these points.


1. I fear there won’t be any pigeons flying in that area no more.

2. You’re cute and all but are you dumb, boy?


3. For crying out loud, that’s a freaking coyote!

4. Must’ve been an awkward uber ride!

5. Oh, officer, you dealt with the wrong nana!

6. Okay, this guy needs a berries lesson.

7. Who the hell serves Margaritas in the office, woman?

8. We can actually see how far the couple has come through.

9. I literally thought it was a dog, I’m shaken!

10. The terrifying wrong number text ever!

11. I thought it was a freaking tarantula.

12. Sometimes we exist around dumb people.

13. The confusion is quite reasonable though.


15. This good old lady tried sticking a dead fly mistaking it for her fake lashes.

16. Her parents didn’t know the difference between The Lord and Lorde.

17. Just grow a brain first and let’s handle this together!


18. Don’t wanna be harsh, but does she recognizes her kids?


19. Told you kitty, not to trust the Amazons!


20. Haha, for some reason I wanna know who this teacher is!


21. I just feel he needs a hug and an explanation too.


22. If you had paid attention to details, you’d know what a freaking Pentagram is!

(h/t: BuzzFeed)