22 People That You’ll Be Wanting To Be Friends ASAP

It has become harder than ever to make new friends or in my case any friends. But I do know a lot of people but I don’t consider them all, friends. And then comes best friend, like what isn’t even suppose to mean? Try explaining that to an introverted person.

But sometimes, you meet hilarious people that make you just wanna hug them and give them the tag of the best human. The humour they exhibit will just leave you in awe! You may not make them your best friend but you’ll never be bored, that I can say!

Ready to meet your new bud? Hop on!



1. Cool way to beat the summer heat.

2. I wish my grandma was this cool.


3. I don’t know about the bird but I like you, Jeff!

4. Meet my new best friend, he likes big glasses!

5. Googly eyes, help me find your owner!

6. You should have played along man!

7. “You’re not allowed to sit with us”- Cool kids.

8. The Internet really does help you in finding friends.

9. Count me in if it’s gonna be a Nutella fountain!

10. My favourite cookies, my work makes me hungry sometimes.

11. How dare you! He’s the husband, are you dumb 911?

12. They said, “Hi Roni, I said no it’s Pepperoni”.

13. But we aren’t the stick family, more like a balloon family!

14. It’s a cat in a sweater, should I be amused or what?

15. I wonder if the turtle was a turtle ninja!

16. I can’t come, my dog says, bow-wow!

17. That 2 secs he saved are how he saves the country!

18. Just slay him with the lightsaber.

19. Dan, you will grow and make your country proud someday!

20. Exactly, how many movies is he gonna watch?

(h/t: PleatedJeans)