This Photographer captures the Differences in Identical Twins through Incredible Pictures

Twins are basically the two offsprings which are produced by the same pregnancy. They can be one of the two- monozygotic, or dizygotic. The aforementioned sentence defines the technical aspect of being a twin but what does it really feel like.

Sharing the same womb for 9 months can lead to a special bond which the twins share. It might result in other kinds of special connections as well. However, it doesn’t necessarily imply that they are altogether identical in every aspect of everything. There are quite a lot of dissimilarities which exist and photographer Peter Zelewski has tried to capture the difference of being alike.



1. Chloe And Leah.

2. Cristian And George.


3. Orla And Clara.

4. Sharmeena And Ridhwana.

5. Chè And Leonie.

 6. Joe And Duke.

7. Kira And Taya.

8. Irene And Sharon.

9. Rebecca And Edwina.

10. Bill And Toby.

11. Delilah And Tullulah.

12. Callum And Max.

13. Aveah And Anaiah.

14. Ronja And Vår.

15. Jerome And Joel.

16. Hermon And Heroda.

17. Reggie And Mickie.

18. Tomo And Lorenzo.

 19. Yasmin And Leylah.

20. Katerina And Maria.