Photographer Takes Astounding Pictures Of Firsts Women With An iPhone And We Are Stunned

Photographer Luisa Dörr captures the implausible accomplishments of the leading women for Time magazine’s befitting project, Firsts. It showcases those strong women who broke all the barriers such as Barbara Walters, Serena Williams, Aretha Franklin, Issa Rae and Selena Gomez in a very apt portrait photography.

The main focus of this project doesn’t lie in the flashy costumes and controversial questions. But the photographer mainly focused in the milestones these women reached and accomplishments they made. All that spoke for themselves. This project is all about their journey to the top.

The most amazing part of this photoshoot is that the pictures are taken with an iPhone. The quality and larger-than-life aura make it unbelievable to accept the factuality of it. It’s true, though. All you need is an iPhone to capture such charismatic snaps or at least Luisa needed just that.



1. Ellen DeGeneres was featured as the first openly gay character on Primetime TV.

2. And who doesn’t realize the poise & success story that’s Oprah Winfrey?


3. Serena Williams is where she is right now by not giving a damn about her critics.

4. Hillary Clinton might not have won the election but she won our hearts.

Hillary Clinton is the first woman to win a major party’s nomination for President. #sheisthefirst @time

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5. This is a story of how Alice Waters was unstoppable.

6. The most followed person on Instagram- Selene Gomez sits on the reign like no one else.

7. Here’s a loud cheer to being legit.

For the ones asking about my editing software, I’m using Snapseed, a free app from Google. The phone is an iphone 7plus. And nope, I’m not being paid by Apple. Tools are just a medium. They help in the process, but they don’t create. What makes the difference is the one holding the tool, and the relation she/he establishes with photography, as a medium, and not as a finality. A debate around the technicalities, keeps you away from the real experience. There will be always apocalyptic and integrated people; one complaining about the old good times when everybody was shooting Daguerrotypes, the others enjoying the ride, sublimating life trough photography, with whatever tool is available. Thanks to absolutely all of you for your wonderful comments, they are essential to keep going. Obrigada! . (Behind the scenes with. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley).

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9. Women like Madeleine Albright are seen as an idol by many.

10. There’s absolutely no forgetting Aretha Franklin.

11. Patricia Bath paved a path for the young people wanting to leave a mark in this world.

12. When the world tells you not to do something, do it twice.

13. Being a woman and leading the world- Nancy Pelosi is doing it all.

14. Is there anything Rita Moreno has not done?

Rita moreno is the first latina to win an Emmy, a Grammy, and Oscar and a Tony. #sheisthefirst @time

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15. This woman is everything about being a leader.

Eileen Collins is the first woman to command a space shuttle. #sheisthefirst @time

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16. No one remembers who came second when you are playing a game.

17. Building a business empire with a scratch.

Michelle Phan is first the woman to build a $500 million company from a web series #sheisthefirst @time

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18. Candis Cayne owned it like the queen she is.