16 Photos That Brings History To Life After Getting Colored Brilliantly

History is a beautiful thing. We have the privilege of being standing on the forefront of modern innovation and looking back on our ancestors. Now, more than ever before. we are in the perfect position to find the secrets of the past. Our technology allows us to go further than anyone before us.

For example, these pictures were taken during incredible moments in history. Unfortunately, we had to look at them in black and white, so we never got the full sense of what was happening. But now our technology allows us to accurately color these important pictures.

Credit: Reddit



1. Officers posing with a cannon in 1861 during the US Civil War at Fort Corcoran.

2. German WWI soldier in dugout holding a sawtooth bayonet.

3. 21-year-old-woman, Eunice Hancock, operating a compressed air grinder. August 1942.

4. Gene Jantzen, his wife Pat and 11-month-old son Kent in 1947. Looks like the little guy wants to be a bodybuilder like his father.

5. Okinawa 7 June 1945, an American soldier runs through Japanese fire.

6. The Mona Lisa being unpacked after WWII.

7. Two riflemen roll their cigarettes in Goesdorf, January 10, 1945. So far, they have seen 27 days of fighting.

8. Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein attend the premiere of “City Lights” on the 2nd of February 1931.

9. An American soldier standing in a church full of N**i loot. Castle Church, Bavaria, 1945.

10. Ralph Neppel, after receiving his Medal of Honor, with his fiancee, Jean Moore.

11. Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses the public at the 50th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.

12. Al Capone’s mugshot after first arriving in Alcatraz in 1939.

13. Eliot Ness, famous for bringing down Al Capone.

14. Richard Pierce, 14 years old at the time, a Western Union telegraph messenger with 9-months of service experience.

15. Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley, 1970.

16. Harry Carroll, a famous Hollywood songwriter posing with chorus girls. Those pants are glorious.