26 Photos that’ll Creep your Senses and Leave you Tensed

You serve the Internet watching numerous things and then you end up in the weirdest pile of images. It takes no time to get to that dark side of the internet where you’ll be exposed to pictures that should look normal but it has a twist on it and scares the heck out of you.

The list down below has a collection of such surprises, you might feel a little uneasy looking at them because it’s nowhere near being pleasantry. So, are you ready for it?



1. Man, you just can’t do things like this.

2. Somebody definitely flunked in Geography.

3. The diet Pepsi had bad diarrhea.

4. Isn’t it a little bit overpriced?

5. And the layer of wraps amazes me.

6. The head is not supposed to locate there.

7. Okay, the numbers here are totally jumbled.

8. That eight has a bulgy head.

9. The on button also says, ‘No’.

10. Why would anyone want an ant-infested rug, wait that’s just the design.

11. Look at the chain rusting beautifully.


12. It’s weird how you never finish a whole packet and jump to the next one.

13. Horrifying chocolate SpongeBob that ever existed.

14. That annoying moment when all your time worths for nothing.

15. It’s a mushroom culture.

16. When a tall guy sits behind you and takes up your leg space.

17. That’s exactly how my work table looks like.

18. Poor boxes, they are soaking wet.

19. Never thought a dough would look this interesting.


20. The most painful and annoying thing.

21. Was the architect drunk?

22. What a mess, too bad!

23. Explain the purpose of this staircase.

24. This plate broke in the most stylish way.

25. Everything is glowing except for that lamp in the left.

26. The whiteboard is not white anymore.

(h/t: eBaum’s World)