23 Photos certainly Proving Why People Have Trust Issues

The internet can be a tricky place to put your trust in, these days. Especially, the various social media platforms are actively promoting and disclosing things that might just build some deep trust issue scenes. How about the heartbreak you feel when you find that the product that was shown on the packaging is completely different from the one you receive inside! Such delicate incidences and loads more have been covered below. Go ahead and take a look.



1. Elsa did not age so beautifully here. Sad.

2. There is nothing fox-like in this teddy. Absolutely nothing.

3. And, we thought they fill the entire case.

4. The world would be a better place if we could just make dishes as shown in pictures.

5. They cleaned up the room really nicely.

6. Even the candy knows how ridiculous it’s company owners are.

7. Well, the cake is certainly not the same as the cartoons.

8. Meet this disfigured Ultimate Spiderman.

9. Good luck drinking that thick shake with a straw.

10. Something is truly very odd with each one of these heart-shaped balloons.

11. Who could have seen this coming!


12. Carving went bizarrely wrong.

13. Who’s going to eat this weirdly shaped chocolate now!

14. Well, they didn’t lie. (Mix “with” broccoli)

15. These balloons are surely A-rated.

16. Did The Hulk came himself to smash a minion!

17. Lies. Everywhere. Lies.

18. This is no way the same product!

19. Oh dear cake-maker. Don’t ever do this again.

20. Well, at least the print is same.

21. One more reason to have trust issues.

22. They are same-same but different.

23. Power of the make-up.

(h/t: eBaum’s World)