20 Photoshopped Pictures Of Celebrities Which You Believed Were Real

Being a celebrity is not an easy task. Not at all. You gotta look pretty for the camera around the clock with the prettiest smiles even when you feel gloomy. Then, there is the time when no matter what amount of makeup is plastered on their face, there is an additional level of witchery required to fix things that could not be fixed. That witchery aka photoshop is like a magic wand making you realize that beauty can be drafted as well.

Here are a few before and after famous celebrity pictures to help you understand how photoshop works.



1. That extra eyeshadow managed to do the trick.

2. Rachel Weisz got kissed by photoshop.


3. Let’s just agree that it’s a life-changing software.

4. Scratch that, it’s appearance changing.

5. Or at least, it adds up to the already glorious appearance.

6. Just look how fiercer Madonna’s eyes are now.

7. Jennifer Aniston pictures before and after retouch.


8. Bella also famous as Kristen Stewart has that I-am-the-queen look going on.

9. Penelope Cruz is in deep thoughts and she looks good.

10. When world famous beauty Miranda Kerr start to need photoshop, we are left speechless.

11. Tyra Banks’ skin is graced by photoshop and this is how our jaw hit the ground.

12. Avril Lavigne has definitely changed from her punk rock days.

13. All the flaws of Cindy Crawford vanish.

14. I do not understand how this encourages positive body image.

15. Audrina Patridge has been successfully transformed.

16. Keira Knightley doesn’t need photoshop at all.

17.  One of the most popular country stars Faith Hill.

18. Katy Perry looking as stunning as ever.

19. Frankly, Eva Mendes looks better without the retouch.

20. Here comes Britney- the diva.

(source: AuntyAcid)