23 Incredible Pictures that’ll Make You Rub Your Eyes Until It Hurts

With the perfect angle and lighting, the pictures in the below compilation allow your eyes to peep into an incomprehensible world where cats have four eyes and people have none. You’d scratch your hair for answers. Even feel a bit uncomfortable by the pure agony that these photographs instill. Your brain struggles to find reason and it may not.

One of them being permanent insanity or everything you have ever known was simply a lie (like the matrix). Apart from this, I am sure these pictures will beg a second look.



1. This snake is inside out.

2. It looks like the building is on fire.

3. What a perfect fit!

4. Looks perfectly cartoonish to me.

5. The cloudy smoke is one of a kind.



6. Is it the cat’s soul?

7. Star Wars coffee maker is right there. Does anyone want some?

8. The bucket is filled.

9. “All these humans make me puke”.

10. Do not hurt the ice’s feelings.

11. And all of them flew away.

12. What’s up with these big-sized birds!?

13. Coconut tree shocked by the utter rubbishness of global warming.

14. Then, there are these co-joined fingers.

15. That’s a dog on a snow white background.

16. Just a man looking up while you see his beard and neck.

17. Now, this is really confusing…

18. Meet Mr. Trashman. He likes you too.

19. This cat doesn’t have four eyes.

20. What the hell is going on?


21. Meet little Tarzan and his mother the trash.



22. This is just gross.


23. A man who knows how much he’s worth.

Coincidentally, $5 was how much his wardrobe cost from r/trashy

(Source: eBaum’s World)