24 Random Pictures which will make you go ‘Ahhh, why is that funny?!’

How much randomness have you stumbled upon in your lifetime? Not a lot, I guess. And how much of it has amused you at the same time, it has been shockingly impressive? The number must not be in two digits.

But here in this compilation, there are at least fifteen of the most bizarrely random and funny pictures which will make you go, ‘Oh wow, this is so darn weird’. Then, you will scrunch your eyes. Try to be a little stubborn with the humor of the picture and later, you will give up to finally chuckle a bit.



1. We rarely need the lower part of the body while swimming. It’s the upper part that needs to stay afloat.

2. Science can really kill you, sometimes.


3. The t-shirt says enough for itself.

4. Sunbathing at its best.

5. And that’s how you wear a proper hat.

6. To look more friendly to the enemy.

7. “Let’s fly until we die.”

8. Looks like a safe place to go camping.

9. Beating is not a good thing anyway. No wonder they are crying.

10. And that’s how you dress properly.

11. Ever seen such a stunning hairstyle?

12. A guide on how to park a bus.

13. There cannot be a more comfortable position to play games.

14. Oh stop, you posers!

15. I hope the coffee was good enough.

17. This is gonna fit right in.

18. Some wear hats as well.

19. Taking the perfect picture, good sir?

20. Just a shark at work. Nothing out of the blue.

21. Well, look how flexible this guy is.

22. Setting up the rules in the clear.

23. You don’t mess with this guy.

24. This dog knows what he is doing and he has got swag for it.

(Source: eBaum’s WorldAcidCow)