15 Pictures Proving Parents Are As Extra As Millennials

Millennials is a generation considered to be a two-faced coin. On one side they are the next savers of the planet Earth as we know it and on the other, they are considered to be the self-centered narcissist. But we are not here to debate the usefulness of all that. Na-uh. We are here to discuss how parents are so damn millennials extra, it hurts everywhere.

They are the best thing to happen to us since Obama. Just. Don’t. Stop.



1. This is the kind of surprises no one appreciates.

2. The message resonates pretty well with everyone here.

3. It’s definitely something to be proud of.

4. It’s an idealistic situation.


5. Her meme game is so strong.

6. Nothing wrong with being a proud dad.

7. Halloween has never been this fun.

8. Dads are simply the best.


9. Lavishness like never seen before.

10. Summing up our lives perfectly.

11. Moms know what they are talking about.

12. A scenario like this can happen anytime, right?


13. Asking your parents how they are doing when a serial killer is free in the neighborhood turns out like this.


14. No dad, you do not love your kids equally.


15. There is humanity still left in this world.