20 Thought-provoking Pics that’ll Make You See The World In A Different Light

Enlightenment, a word that implies you have learned something new and suddenly are wiser than the rest of your human companions. Today is the day you will learn what enlightenment is actually about. Your very core is going to be shaken by the mere pictures in this compilation.

To give you a heads up about the entire thing, let’s imagine a situation. Consider you are living your life normally, doing things you want to do and suddenly, you read a random fact that the human saliva has a boiling point three times than that of water (This is true, for the record). The result of which will leave you zoning out in space for a really long time.

Without further ado, let’s go on and be wiser.



1. Hi, back to you alphabets. Have a nice day.


2. We have seen everything after this.


3. Now that it has been said, I cannot keep calm.

4. Is it her knees or are the faces of children living there?

5. I need time to process this fact. *looks in space for a really long time*

6. Discourse sounds like such a technical word at the moment.

7. Please stop ruining everything for me. Every time I see a bodybuilder, I will imagine a skinny human popping out of him.

8. It’s actually amusing when you think about this one.

9. Never thought street lights are this big in size.

10. Hey! It’s our childhood you’re playing with.

11. It’s disconcerting how similar these pictures look side by side.

12. *Zones out into space again thinking about the time that has never been seen*.

13. Because it is candy and also corn.

14. Why would anyone want to be that cruel to people? WHY?

15. There are certain things you become aware of much later in life.

16. But it looks like a cartoon. This does not make any sense.

17. People all over the world are getting enlightened by random things and they are shocked.

18. Why does House have a tiny nose above his main nose?


19. To be frank, it does look like that.

20. I have never been this shocked in my entire life.

After so much interesting learning, are you feeling any wiser than you were two minutes ago? The one which shocked me the most was that the barcode scanners read the spaces between the black lines and not actually the lines.


*stares into place for a really long time*

(Source: eBaum’s World)