20 Pics showing The Real Struggles of A College Student and It Doesn’t Get Better

Being a college student is not an easy task. Not at all. You go through so much and that too without enough money. Well, it’s being said that no one has enough money but the case is taken to a whole new level by the money deprived students who live their lives as if there is literally so much of tomorrow to make it better.

They will live on takeouts and sometimes they live on the sofa, nothing stops them from being a pro at it, though.

They nail the struggle like no one else. You might think that it might get better. The thought that will come later in your mind after this gallery is over is that what if it doesn’t. What if it never gets better.



1. When you are living off the cheapest snacks available.

2. There is no getting help at this point. No. Point. At. All.

3. The struggle is real, people. There is no need to laugh.

4. When your schedule is so tight that you cannot fit anything else in.

5. The guy who lived under the stairs is here and we are expecting a movie about it.

6. There’s no denying the effect it had on this guy.

7. The pain of it cannot be described.

8. Finally, they are here. It will only take 20 years to complete the syllabus.

9. Such yummy food cannot be replaced.


10. Nothing has been explained better than this picture right here.

11. So far, so fine.

12. So much pain in one single picture.

13. Not sure I would touch any socks in a college dorm…


14. I don’t know how this happened, but it just did.

15. It definitely sums up everything.


16. These 52 pizza boxes in the dorm room explain everything.





20. This is the hight of laziness, but life is good.