24 Pics that You Won’t Believe were Taken at Such An Accurate Timing

One would say a perfect picture requires a lot of effort – the angle, lighting, and heck, a lot of other things but sometimes, you are simply lucky to get a shot impeccable enough to consume your breath. You’d feel extremely blessed to see these pictures. They are captured at the exact moment perfection struck the earth.

It’s magical, to be frank. You will find it immensely impossible at first but as you will move forward with these compilations, your jaw is gonna hit the ground.



1. When liberty is all lit up.

2. Dog wants to catch a fish.

3. Whales have got something to say too.

4. Spewing fire like a normal dog.

5. That hat looks pretty good on him.

6. Let’s just breathe in the perfection of this picture.

7. A hat that’s trendy.

8. The shadow looks better than the stairs.


9. What a fish-headed person!

10. Yawning is not allowed, officer.

11. That’s the face one makes when they know death has arrived.

12. Look, the dog in the picture revived.

13. Maybe that’s his new uniform.

14. The bubble must die.

15. The exact moment the plane crashed.

16. “Teens take selfie on bridge moments before it collapses”

Three young women – including two teenagers – suffered multiple fractures after falling more than 30 feet off a rundown bridge as they posed for selfies.


17. Okay, let’s just think that’s orange juice.

18. Is’t a Pegasus? Keep thinking!


19. The Flying magic carpet exists.

20. Something is very wrong.


21. The perfection is so damn insane.


22. Here are two lovely cats making a heart.


23. A horse-woman?


24. Don’t let your kids stay alone with the father.

(Source: Hiptoro)