Captivating Award Winning Pictures Showcasing The Valiance of Army Officers

It’s a struggle to deduce the life of an army person, especially when we have never experienced it closely. We have always considered army life to be either somewhat glamourous or very rough. But how much of it is the truth? To make you understand all the sides of the life of a British officer. Here are a few selected prize-winning photographs from a prestigious Army photography competition to make you feel all sorts of things.

They are absolutely stunning. Have a look for yourself.



1000 Miles by Cpl Jonathan Lee van Zyl succeeded in winning the top prize in the Best Professional Portrait category in the Army Photographic Competition.

Jungle Is Massive was captured by Sgt Rupert Frere. It is one of the winning images in the Professional Portfolio category in the prestigious competition.


This snap that is titled Strategy Requires Thought and it was captured by Bdr Murray Kerr. It’s one of the winning images in the Amateur Portfolio category.

Boom by Sgt Rupert Frere, another dramatic addition to his award-winning collection.

Remembrance took by PO(Phot) Owen Cooban, the winner in the Operation Camera (public) category in the Army Photographic Competition.

Logged Out by LCL Ian Chapman shows the grueling endeavors that new recruits have to push through

Casualty by LCL Joe Taylor frames the nightmare scenario for any squaddie – their comrades being hurt.

Into The Storm by Sgt Rupert Frere is another pulse-racing shot.

Fan Dance took by Ian Griffiths, the winner in the Professional Category Soldiering category.

This composition is called Satisfied Soldiers. It too was taken by award-winning snapper Sgt Rupert Frere.

This eerie yet hypnotic image by Cpl Jonathan Lee van Zyl is titled The Ascension.

It’s A Good Life by Sgt Jess Tappenden-Rowell gives a fun glimpse into life for young – and very keen – army cadet.

Hurricane Irma 2 by Cpl Darren Legg shows the huge amount of manpower that goes into humanitarian relief.

Trooping of the Colour by Jason Bryant shows the pomp and ceremony attached to military life.

(h/t: TheSun)