Pizza Delivery Guys’ Follow The Special Instructions By Customers, and Its So Damn Funny

Who doesn’t love a good cheese filled pizza? None of us. When you put a slice in your mouth, it’s the best cheesegasm one can imagine. Your eyes go into frenzy mode as you feel the extreme level of satisfaction. You know what is even more amazing than that? You giving special instructions to the pizza delivery and they absolutely nail it.

This compilation is one of those. You will just want your pizza delivery person to have the exact same skills as the people on this list. You are going to go crazy. For the record, it’s very nice.



1. Your wish has been successfully granted.

2. Have you your answer yet?

3. Panda wants to party hard.

4. Can’t expect Da Vinci at your service.

5. No one enters without knocking.

6. That joke will get you laugh your heart out.

7. “What’s your deepest secret?”

8. Asking the right questions matter!

9. Everything is possible, bruh.

10. Pacman is all we want and Pacman is all we will get.

11. Up your pizza telling games.

12. I’d say the one on the left.

13. Pizza Hut needs to upgrade their HR policy with a skill- ‘must artist’.

14. At least, Jon now knows what to do.

15. That’s exactly how people look when they see pizza.

16. “Cute boy, honk twice, play music loud so we know you’re here, good music though.”

(h/t: TheChive)