20 Rarely-Known Facts that gonna Leave You Baffled

Our World is a fascinating and everlasting wonder ball. Since the dawn of mankind and civilization, we have indeed come a long way. Now we have a state where everyone has rights and freedom of speech, education, etc. Science and Technology have carved a path for us where our development keeps growing and never looks back. Though we may think that inventories and wisdom have made us the to be at the top of the food chain, there is so much more that we still don’t have answers for.

The world is a big place and it has bizarre facts that will keep shocking us on and on time and again. Anything can pop up anytime which we have zero clues about. In contrast to that, we do keep tracks of certain facts that might horribly disturb anyone. It’s worth knowing than living in the dark, so here are some of them!



1. Many colours exist that the human eye cannot see or even imagine.


2. Turritopsis dohrnii is a Mediterranean creature aka immortal jellyfish. They have a reverse mechanism of aging so they live forever.


3. Europeans during the 16th and 17th centuries believed in consuming human flesh and bones could cure diseases.

Omni Media Arts, Gramercy Pictures

They’d eventually stole mummies from the Egyptian tombs and dug up dead bodies from the graveyard. 

Omni Media Arts, Gramercy Pictures

4.  While building the Hoover Dam, John Gregory Tierney was the first person to die. 


And 14 years later his son Patrick William Tierney is the last person to die during the construction. 


5. A photo was taken by Astronaut Michael Collins that consisted of the rest of the human race including Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin while they were in the Lunar Module. 

Wikipedia Commons / en.wikipedia.org / Michael Collins / NASA

6. A deck of cards can be mixed in innumerable ways even more than the number of atoms on Earth.


So, while mixing your card, you probably are the first one in history with a particular sequence of the cards. 

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7. There is 6.7% chance of a human dying on their birthday rather than any other days.

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8. Serial killer, Ted Bundy used to work at a suicide hotline. 

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department

9. People j*rking off during sleep is the brain’s way of signaling the body is not dead. Mostly happens when the heartbeat is slow.


10. Miss Unsinkable, Violet Jessop survived the sinking Titanic, a collision on the RMS Olympic, and the sinking of the Britannic. 

Wikipedia / Creative Commons / en.wikipedia.org, Paramount Pictures

11. A newborn baby has 300 bones which join and forms 206 bones as they grow older.

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12. People died using arsenic for dying clothes in 19th century England because they didn’t know it was poisonous.

BBC Films, Warner Bros.

13. During the Victorian Era, taking pictures of a dead person was a custom as the last farewell.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

14. Serial killer, Rodney Alcala won an episode of the dating game but the woman who picked him turned down the date because she felt he was ‘creepy’. 


15. It takes 10 minutes extra to drown in saltwater compared to freshwater.

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16. According to research, humans have explored less than 5% of the Ocean.


17. Till the 1980’s, doctors believed that babies don’t reciprocate to physical pain so they didn’t use anesthesia on babies during a surgery.


18. Joe Metheny, a serial killer sold animal meat with human flesh in his burger patties at his food stand. 


19. Every cruise ship has a morgue in them for obvious reasons, of course!


20. Mathematically, you are most likely to cross path with 16 murderers in your whole life.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office / Wikipedia / Creative Commons / en.wikipedia.org
(h/t: BuzzFeed)