16 Heartwarming Reasons why The Irish President is the Best of All

Every time there is an election for a representative in a state that you belong to, you obviously would cast your vote for the candidate whom you think is best suited for the part, that’s what everyone wants. If you’re a politically inactive person like me, I guess making this decision would be quite hard. But if your state had a candidate like Michael D. Higgins (current President of Ireland) running for the election, he would make the job very easy for you.

You see, the terms for Presidency in Ireland come with a very limited power under the constitution of world affairs meaning the post is hugely ceremonial. And the current representative, Mister Higgins is quite the charm. People under his constituency haven’t stopped gushing about the 77-year-old’s loving and warm nature. Let’s just say we all long for a person like him in our hearts. Maybe, the grandpa we always wanted. Here are some of the pictures shared by the Irish folks.



1. The President and his dogs photobombing this man’s picture in Phoenix.


2. And then another guy went and got a haircut from the man in the photo.


3. President Higgins and his relation with his dog Bród is so refreshing.

4. Just like us the normal citizens, Mr. Higgins also waits in line for the ATM.


5. The president, his wife, and his dogs Bród and Síoda welcoming the Duch and Duchess of Sussex at Áras an Uachtaráin.

6. Love is indeed in the air, wife Sabina and Higgins getting cozy.

7. This is at the funeral of Captain Mark Duffy and that is his son Fionn hugging Michael D.


8. It is the sweetest thing ever! The president and his dogs being so close to him, it just shows that he has a loving nature. Animals don’t fake!


9. In his golden days at Bob Dylan’s concert in Slane, 1984.

10. It is just so charming to see them together.

11. I think we should all get one of these.

12. Katie invited the President to her wedding; he couldn’t make it so he sent her this letter.


13. And here he is riding a freaking BMX.

14. A picture with the Irish rugby union player, Simon Zebo.

15. Don’t they just look lovely?

16. Higgins will be running for the next term as well, good luck Mr. President!

If that didn’t make your heart melt, maybe you don’t like grandparents. I don’t know, I’m just saying, I mean who doesn’t like grandparents? They are as cute as a button. And President Higgins is our favorite. Much love for Ireland, you’re in good hands!