18 Way Too Relatable Illustrations depicting the Real Nature of Girls

Being a girl is not a child’s play. You have to struggle each and every day of your life. It starts with waking up and you realizing that you have bodily hair in places where there should be no bodily hair. In addition to that, hair on your head has a mind of its own and every strand is having a war against each other.

You try to tame your mane down, choose the perfect outfit for the day and try to act like you are insane in front of people which for the record, is impossible in itself. So, if you are a girl, these illustrations by fluffycomics are something you will relate to and will understand what I have been blabbing about all this time.



1. Sometimes not wearing matching lingerie can be dope as well. Or that’s what we tell ourselves.

2. It’s all about owning it like a pro.


3. Nothing has defined a girl better than this.

4. Let’s be frank for a moment. Shaving isn’t that essential.

5. Well, that sums underwear shopping spree perfectly.

6. We have our face swings (another version of mood swings).

7. The little voice inside us which shouts you have probably burnt your house down.

8. When mirror and camera do not agree.

9. The struggle is real, people.

10. Truer words have not been spoken.

11. Probably happens every single freaking time.

12. Whose idea was it to start exercising? Worst idea ever.

13. Nothing compares to the beauty of being able to anything you want to be.

14. Just 300 hundred years before he confesses his feelings for me.

15. Tummy has a language of its own.

16. Getting into ripped jeans is a war.

17. New vs old lingerie.

18. Sleep can literally suck it up.

(Credit: Instagram/ happyfluffcomics)