This Russian Girl’s Surreal Cosplays will Give Anyone Serious Goosebumps

Who doesn’t love playing dress up? Or is it just me who thinks that it’s so cool to look like a fictional character? With that on the surface, Halloween is one the most celebrated occasions where you can actually dress up and become the character you grew up watching in cartoons and movies. And also having the perfect canvas, meaning the body figure which is one of the most helpful bonus to nail those characters.

Russian model and cosplayer Irina Meier who also loves to travel is quite famous for her on-point cosplay costumes that look perfect from all angles. She has the face and the body that the camera loves and also the costumes shine on her. Why don’t you have a look at her pictures, it’ll be more understandable that way.



1. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

The lady in action.

2. If BB8 from Star Wars was a cute girl.

She will follow you around like a cute bunny.

3. Redhead Triss Merigold from Witcher 3.

Her charms will charm you.

4. Mera from Aquaman.

The queen of the sea has stepped out.

5. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Bow to the queen everyone.

6. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

Puddin is waiting for you, Quinn.

7. Velma from Scooby-Doo.

Scooby-doo where are you? We got some work to do now!

8. Kimberly from Kim Possible.

She nailed it with the makeup in this one.

9. An elf fairy.

Her wings are so beautiful.

10. Victorian style steam-girl.

Such British vibes from this picture.

11. Misty from Pokemon.

Where’s Pikachu?

12. Lucky Chloe from Tekken 7.

Are you ready to be knocked out?

13. Christmas edition Harley Quinn.

Get the milk and cookies ready.

14. Rayne from Bloodrayne.

The vampires are going to be slain.

15. Emma Frost by Marvel Comics.

Those blonde locks are everything.

16. Red hot cupid.

Valentine’s seems so much interesting now.

17. Olivia Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. 

The makeup is so on-point.

18. Catwoman playing with yarn.

We need a new Catwoman on the screen as well.

19. The female version of Sasuke from Naruto.

Wow, we didn’t see this coming!

20. Queen of Ice in Russian style.

All I can say is, Muy Hermoso (very beautiful).

For more pictures, you can follow Irina here on Instagram.