15 Sarcastic Cartoons Disclosing The Reality Of Modern Life

We live in times where everything is a tad bit interesting but don’t you think that it’s a good thing. We have a compilation of pessimistic illustration that’s filled with all sorts of things. Inspired by real lives, these illustrations will force you to peep inside your inner self and figure out what’s wrong with people not portraying enough empath and compassion towards each other, You’d feel a jolt of emotion inside you and it will be difficult for you to put a finger on exactly what it is.

They are realistic and sarcastic both at once. Not wasting any more time, let’s just look at them.



1. This comparison where the poor has a sack for a belly and a belly for a sack.

2. Kill the brains and preach while you are at it.


3. Parents clipping the wings of kids has become such a common thing.

4. Because everyone prefers sweet lies over bitter truth.

5. The younger generation is engrossed in the technology and give no importance to the real knowledge.

6. Daughter questioning the emotions of her mother and thought process of her father.

7. Focus on what you are doing rather than following others.

8. It is your parents who can save you from troubles. Trust them.

9. Waiting for things to work on their own isn’t a solution.

10. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

11. There is nothing like the selfless act of humanity.

12. How you sow is what you get.

13. Supporting each other should be the way of life.

14. The difference in what different age groups find peace in.

15. Being considered a scapegoat for no reason at all.


(h/t: Metdaan, TrueActivist)