18 Sarcastic Tweets By Women for All the Women out there

Women all around the world are being celebrated this International Women’s day. So we decided to do it as well but with a mix of something fun. This compilation is about all the fun times some amazing ladies had while they were on the internet.

Their humour and lightness paved the way for us to follow. Be ready to laugh your heart out because it’s gonna be a fun and delightful ride. There might be some moment when you shriek, ‘Oh no! She just did not say that.’ But she did say that because she is a god-damn queen.



1. Well, that explains everything to us, doesn’t it?

2. This sounds so much similar to another situation.


3. When you need all the help in the world.

4. And we all are living in that circle.

5. Because you can do whatever the heck you want.

6. And we do not want that to happen.

7. *Nods head in astonishment and shock but definitely, in agreement*

8. You do not mess with a man walking on the sidewalk.

9. Throw some meaning into your life.

10. That’ right, kid. You are going in the right direction.

11. We are a generation of technology, people.

12. It has to end somewhere.

13. Do not let the lizard out of the bag. It’s not good for any of us.

14. Evert girl on Tinder ever…

15. A big round of applause to all those women.

16. That’s an accomplishment right there.

17. We are not asking much, are we?

18. Yes, we need more of those. So many more.