20 Scary Pictures that Gonna Blow your Dreams Away

Having a good night sleep definitely sounds dreamy to most of us. Soft mattress, nice bed, and no nightmares- wounds like a package to me. But boring too. Who wants to sleep peacefully when scary people is what you need in your dreams?

It’s the new go-to place. Especially, after Donald Trump became the president. No dream can be scarier than that. Hence, we are bringing to you an amazing compilation of scary pictures which are capable of stealing your sleep.

Have a look.



1. “Well, I can do without my car, I guess.”

2. Landslide in Taiwan is a big fat scare.


3. The scenario before a storm.

4. It’s better to walk home, I guess.

5. These sheep do not look friendly at all.

6. The serene sea before the storm takes over.

7. State Highway 3 in Trinity County after heavy rain.

8. Girls kill themselves for their smile.

9. Not good for people who are scared of flying.


10. The eerie silence of this place is shivering.

11. Wallago Attu catfish for all the pet lovers out there.

12. Let’s take another route.

13. The mummy has finally returned.

14. Venice amid tornado, making me wanna close the door of the room.

15. When attic has an unpleasant surprise for you.

16. Sleeping on the head? Well, thanks for the nightmares.

17. This toad is big enough to be a pet.


18. That’s why they say eye protection is important.

19. Does someone want toilet paper?

20. Soot over a spiderweb is a ghastly sight.

(source: Imgur)