16 School Names That Are Funny As Hell

No-one likes school. At some point in your existence, you dreamed of ways to destroy your school. This would be alarming behavior in normal circumstances, but thankfully, we get a free pass when it comes to schools and workplaces. These are also the two places in our society that usually have the fanciest names.

Whoever names schools, we are not sure who that honor goes to, usually thinks that if they give the place a pretentious name, they might be able to hide the fact that it sucks. It does not work, but we give them credit for trying. Except, whoever named these schools were either clueless or had a very immature sense of humor. What do you think? Let us know!



1. I’ll see what now?

2. If the university of your choice does not work out, at least you have this one to fall back on.


3. Butts Road Elementary, home of the Flying B**t Hawks. Which is, coincidentally, my new favorite insult.

4. Sure, it’s not the best college, but least it’s a …

5. That’s how I felt when I walked into high school every day.

6. This school is every stoner’s dream.

7. This is where the Game Of Thrones characters went to school.

8. Their town was discovered by hippies in the 70’s. Now it’s too late to change the name.

9. That mascot looks rather fabulous.

10. You’re a what now?

11. Imagine being so proud of your new advertisement, then driving past and realizing there was a typo…

12. “We must give our school a dignified name. They must never know what we do here!”

13. “How much confidence do you have in your governor?”

“Honestly? Not a lot…”

14. The principal is a hipster.

15. The name is fine, I just wonder what is the story behind the whole wooden shoe thing.

16. “No, darling, I am not sending you for ballet lessons. Now stop asking.”