This Girl Tweeted Her Secret Technique Of Cleaning Her White Sneakers and It Went Viral In No Time

Fashion hacks have been coming and going for a pretty darn long time now. From makeup to clothing DIY’s, you see them everywhere. Say, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, it’s all over social media. Some of them work well and save us time while some just end up in a pile of mystery.

And when it comes to hacks, trust me I watch a lot of them but that’s where it stays, at the back of my retina then brain. I never actually try them out. But, hang on! I’m not ditching all of them. If you happen to own a pair of white sneakers you’re in for a treat.


The twitter went for a storm when this user halloween queen@sarahtraceyy, tweeted a picture of her old and dirty pair of white converse that she managed to clean it by herself, resulting into a crisps white brand-new looking pair.


Wait-for-it, we have the secret Ingredient as well.


From words according to the tweets, the recipe is a secret mixture of 1:1.5 mixture of baking soda and detergent.

All you gotta do is rinse the sneakers and apply the mixture, using a toothbrush you gotta scrub them and then leave for a while to absorb and dilute the dirt out of the fabric. Then rinse it again, put in the washer and use baby powder to dry it once it’s done.

Removing the laces would be easier and using a pillowcase or washer bag when the shoes go in the washer would be more preferable.

The Proof is in the picture and it has gone Viral off the top.


We have tried many hacks to find a solution in cleaning a white shoe but there was no absolute solution and it led us to buy a new pair. But it’s a miracle this time around.

And the Twitter Fam took no time in responding with 300,000 likes and 95,000 retweets.


Yes, this is something Highschool should’ve taught us!

And there’s always that one person who never gets the point.

I’m trying it too girl!

Please, don’t bleach them, it ruined my baby creepers too.


Are you just dumb or what?

Yes, I own a pair too and it’s always on my mind.

Having a white sneaker in your wardrobe is a must-have. I’m not saying this because I happen to like neutrals a lot but it just goes with everything and anything. You can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers. Pair them up with Blue denim and a white Tee, it’s a classic look.

And when we get hacks like this that saves the baby white sneakers being ruined by the dusty earth, well we deserve it. The fashion spirit is now back on track again. We can’t thank halloweenqueen  enough. We look forward to getting more smart and easy hacks from you again.