24 Things with Similar Names that’s been Confusing you All Your life

Words and meanings can be confusing sometimes. While it means the same thing, it can sound different, or certain objects and animals that look the same so you just go with the name you know. And most of the time, you get away with it because people don’t give much attention to details. I still can’t tell the difference between coriander and parsley.

Yeah, it’s annoying especially when someone corrects and makes you feel dumb. It’s not like you don’t know what it is, it’s just that you get confused with the names and such. But worry not, we have certain pictures with information that will clear most of the confusion away. Thank us later!



1. Wow, my whole life was a lie.

2. That makes it easier.

3. Okay, I feel really dumb now.

4. Now all the vegetarians can be at peace.

5. It really doesn’t help that both the names start with ‘J’.

6. And to all of us who call them mushrooms anyway.

7. So, Bugs Bunny is definitely not a Hare.

8. I think most of us know this if not, you are dumb!

9. Land and water, that explains it all.

10. After figuring this out, dinner will taste so much better.

11. Been saying it wrong this whole time.

12. I swear they belong to the same family.

13. Wow, I feel so smarter now.

14. This is one of those dilemmas I have but never googled it.

15. Oh, so there are two kinds.

16. Learning something yet?

17. Never knew it had another name.

18. I don’t know about you but I’m learning a lot.

19. Wow, such a big difference!

20. It’s like with and without makeup.

21. The most confusing part of the world map.

22. Now you can’t commit a sin by mixing them up.

23. No one cares, but hey, not each is called ‘David’.

24. Remember, it’s just evolution.

(Source: Boredpanda)