24 Simple Inventions that are So Ingenious You’d Use Them Over and Over Again

Life is so much easier with advancements in every category and every stream. We’ve come a long way since we landed on the moon and now we’re on the way to landing on Mars too, which will hopefully be successful. Okay, let’s come back to Earth for a sec, everyday life seems to become so normal that even a small but smart tech or a simple change seems to attract our attention a lot. It’s like humans feed on upgrades of anything and everything possible, either a phone or the furniture in the house.

So, like I said, when a change happens in a repetitive order it causes friction, to bring you to that conclusion, here are some smart but very resourceful changes that people invented. Enjoy!



1. The swing is for people who use wheelchairs.

2. The pizza shop that gives you steps on how to re-heat your leftover pizza.

3. The tag on this shirt has the same cloth attaching it to the shirt, no more skin irritation.

4. Yeah, people, it’s a skateboard parking lot.

5. There is a knee pad for these washing basins, pretty cool!

6. Winter gloves will not bother you anymore.

7. A shower holder that has a hole for keeping inverted bottles when it runs out.

8. The cover of this sewer hole has a map of the city on it.

9. This plastic product called ‘savel’ can flex and preserve any sliced food.

10. Charging stations are rentable in hotels and airports of China.

11. A handicap ramp among giant stairs.

12. A rubber bracelet just to keep your keys safe while jogging.

13. The coaster that reveals a hidden picture after it has soaked enough.

14. The door in this daycare has the handle so high that kids won’t be able to reach it.

15. A breathalyzer in a restaurant for a local charity cause.

16. Now, this is some smart architectural design.

17. The monitors are installed in a way to not bother you when you don’t want them.

18. Collection of tulips in the shape of a tulip, who would have thought about that?

19. Steamfresh shows the time needed to heat up the food packaged in them; how thoughtful!

20. This spoon is the future of mankind, no more spilling your spice.

21. The kid’s meal menu in this restaurant has a kid level counter.

22. Page holder to not screw up your reading time.

23. Coconut water in China has a smart opening.

24. These charger pods can connect like a beehive.

(Source: eBaum’s World)