Ever Wondered What Your Sleep Position Say About Your Personality?

Sleep, I think is the best way to relax and one of the most important states of mind that we fail to keep up with. We all enjoy just to lay back and have a sound sleep but our modern world keeps us awake in every way possible disrupting our sleeping habits. Talking about habits, have you ever thought about your sleeping positions? I mean I know what my position is but never actually gave a thought on it until I’m being asked about it.

According to researchers, pieces of information have been gathered on the positions we sleep in. It might have an impact on our personality and it seems quite accurate, anyways let’s see which position you belong to and what it says about you.


1. The Soldier Position.

If you sleep on your back with your arms on the sides just like a soldier in the most disciplined manner then this is you.

You are most likely to be silent, reserved and not utter much in real life, a person who likes to be quiet and has moral values worth respectful.


2. The Stargazer.

Like the name itself, this position resembles a person lying on his/her back sleeping beneath the stars with arms wrapped around the head.

People who have this position are an open-minded, likes company and they are very helpful people. They mostly live in the moment.



3. The Pillow Hugger.

If you sleep hugging a pillow at night then you’re a person who loves to cuddle in bed as well as out of bed, that type of person who loves warmth. You’re a lovable person and cherish any bond you share with near and dear ones.


4. The Fetal Position.

This position is where you tuck in your knees and curl into a ball like a fetus in the womb. People who sleep in this position mostly have a shy ‘hard to crack’ outer layer with which they try to protect themselves from but they are a softy on the inside. They need time to open up to people.


5. The Thinker.

If you sleep in the position of a fetus with your hand slightly resting beneath your chin mimicking the famous ‘thinking man’ then you have this position. People who have this habit have extreme emotions with a wide difference in polarity.


6. The Freefaller.

In this position, you’ll find yourself lying on your stomach tucking in the pillow, the head being rest on sides and one leg raised a little higher towards your upper torso. I happen to exhibit this trait. Freefallers are bold and outgoing on the outside but they are very sensitive and hard to deal with on the inside.


7. The Starfish.

People with this trait visually resembles its name, i.e they stretch out their limbs like a starfish. If you are one of them you’re most likely to be a very fun loving, easy going, friendly person and you like helping or reaching out to the people you know.


8. The Log.

I think this position is the stiffest position, you’ll find yourself on your sides with your arms on the sides as well, so it’s basically plain like a log. But people who have this trait are mostly innocent and easy to persuade.


9. The Yearner.

People with this sleeping position stretch out their arms as if they are reaching out for something, their arms are in that position. The personality trait of this habit is quite confused, it’s like they know what they want but don’t know what they’re doing. These lot of people are cynical at times.

10. Slide Sleepers.

If you like sleeping on your sides the whole night, you are probably an easy-going, trusting person and you also benefit stretches during the sleep and in the morning due to the soar and stiff position.

(h/t: ScienceOfPeople)