18 Social Injustice Warriors That Went Too Far On Being Illogical

Before, the internet used to have such a positive outlook on people about anything and everything, say like, education, knowledge, global news, amazing facts, etc.

But now, after the rise of social media on the vortex of the Internet, the face of the whole web has totally changed. It has become a platform for people from all around to insert a voice on their opinions about everything. And people are getting too offended lately of anything. It’s like daggers of words flying through the web wires.

It’s so easy for a person to get offended, maybe due to the generalization of posts and updates that hits people through a direct medium of interaction. And sometimes, these words of a person can be hilarious and way stupid when it’s all for the wrong reasons without any clear facts and common sense.

We gathered some crazy post and comments of people getting offended for dumb reasons and here they are.



1. Can it be more illogical than this?

2. Some people should really be hit hard in the head!


3. How can a freaking pomegranate offend someone?

4. Why don’t we try to be a Humanist first, right?

5. I’m a non-veg, should I be guilty? Haha, see what I just did!

6. If they are already out in the world exposing their gender, how is that discrimination?

7. And Brad Pitt and Angelina Joline came to my mind!

8. There is no more calmness in this world anymore.

9. That’s a valid point though!

10. Well, okay it’s better not to be seen.

11. After reading this, I went straight to the wall and hit my head hard to come back to reality.

12. So much savage bro, didn’t anyone tell you it’s a free country?

13. Well, why aren’t you in the Hollywood Media Critics?

14. Another lunatic, these posts are killing my vibe literally!

15. If that guy exists, well I think there is still a chance for human existence.

16. The last line is so true, learn some Geography then come to color bruh!

17. And this why I said don’t trust everything on the Internet.


18. This is just plain stupid, I can’t believe people like this exists, it’s a miracle!

(Source: eBaum’s World)