Someone Leaves A Cruel Note On Ambulance And Twitter Is Outraged

We all agree that ambulances play a major role in saving lives. Their task is time critical, every single second counts and in such a condition where the ambulance has been parked should not make a difference, But as it turns out, some people do care. Actually, they care a lot. Being bothered by the likes of saving someone is not really their thing but an ambulance blocking their driveway is a way more important issue.

Not only that, they left a note to send out a message loud and clear explaining how inconvenient the driving skills of the person controlling the driving seat of the ambulance is to them. Consequently, people on Twitter crossed all the stages of anger over this.

The note causally mentioned that they have parked “in a stupid place” blocking the driveway and was placed under the wiper.

The complete thoughtlessness of the note was pictured by the paramedics and then shared through a tweet with a hashtag #patentscomefirst


Which was later shared by a paramedic- Sasha Starkey.

People on Twitter are not happy.


They are calling out the person for their lack of brain cells.

Stating bitter facts in less than 280 words.

This is what we all want to say.

And this is one thing that can be done.

Some people had their own stories to share.

Isn’t it sad that there are so many of them?

And by them, I mean jerks.

Let’s pray to God, humans can be more humans with time.