Someone Tweeted Asking To Share Good Deeds Done By Hollywood Stars And It’s Viral

News and Tabloids about Hollywood celebrities never lands a good result. Whether their action was noble or not, getting it published on media and internet is not an easy gulp to swallow down. Come on! We’re just humans, not everyone is perfect and we are prone to making mistakes but celebrities have a hard way of experiencing it since their whole life becomes an open book that every person is interested to read.

Recently, news has been filled with assault allegations and scandals that are hovering over the Hollywood daily drama. We’ve seen and heard enough, it’s sickening to get all this negativity.

But wait until this twitter user tweeted out asking people for positive testimonies about celebrities helping them out and its going viral.



Here’s the tweet by Bakoan @BAKKOOONN.

”If anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity that would be great too. does a famous actor give good christmas presents. does lady comedian alwyays smoke people out,”

Many people started tweeting about their own experiences and encounters with over 6,400 comments.


Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman.

The couple is known for tipping well and they also let their Matilda co-star Mara Wilson to stay over at their house.

Zachary Galifianakis.

A fan of Zack the Hangover star shares how the actor is generous and appreciative of his fans. 

Robert De Niro.

The famous star holds the door this lady for nearly a 10 awkward minutes, a true modest gentleman!

Emma Watson.

The Harry Potter actress revisited her old school to take out a fan and thank her for the poem she wrote for her.

Chris Martin.

The Coldplay Lead singer has a big heart and loves to visit children in hospitals, the thing is he never shows off or speaks about this side of him on media!

Jesse Eisenberg.

The man is known for his helpfulness and charitable side in his society.

Kathy Bates.

The actress is sure a hard runner and hopes to deliver the best with people she works, in the most natural way.

Gloria Estefan.

The Cuban-American singer wrote back to a fan who sent her a letter as a kid, and who is now an adult.

Michael Emerson.

The Actor shows a warm gesture in welcoming his co-actor Jason Ritter on board.

Steve Buscemi.

He isn’t just a great actor but also is a true lover of Festivities and hands out candies during Halloween.

Charles Schultz.

The famous cartoonist loved drawing in any situation even to help a 4-year-old child.

Keanu Reeves.

A modest man and actor who takes a pay cut for every movie to pay extra the crew members.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

A high enthusiasts actor who appreciates every little thing that he achieves.

Tom Hiddleston.

The actor who plays Loki in Thor movie series is not only a marvelous actor but a man with proper manners and kindness.

Robin Williams

 Michelle Pfeiffer.

The cat-woman actress who is now a mother of two catch up conversing with a fellow woman going through the first baby moment.

Antonio Banderas.

The man is not only a star action actor but also playful and funny by nature.

 The suave Antonio Banderas is quick to charm his way into fan's hearts

Nathan Fillion.

The man is praised by his crew for filling the studio with food trucks during breaks. How generous!

Sarah Silverman.

When a star like her does gestures like these, you know good people do exists.

Eva Longoria.

”I interned in the set of LA Dragnet when I was 20, Eva Longoria always remembered me and asked how my internship was going,’ she said.” said by author Kimberly Rae Miller.

Mariska Hargitay and Common.

The lady is generous and very warm and friendly with her crew members.

Lou Diamond Phillips.

Actor and director Lou stand ground for a cashier at the coffee counter against a rude customer.

Viggo Mortensen.

What a generous act was done by Viggo in buying the white horse for the man behind the riding in the family.


(h/t: DailyMail)