This Is What ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Looks Like In Real Life. Interesting

With the story revolving around a young group of fellas trying to search for their friend who disappeared suddenly, Stranger Things has officially taken over the internet with all of its awesomeness. You cannot deny it the privilege of being Netflix royalty. Hence, it’s quite interesting to watch its cast in anything other than their onscreen roles.

We don’t wanna know what they look like in real life, reel life is what we want to believe is real. But what the heck! Let’s do it. let’s find out what Eleven looks like without the crazy hair.

Let’s do it, people.



1. Matty Cardarople as Keith.

2. Paul Reiser as Dr. Sam Owens.


3. Aimee Mullins as Terry Ives.

4. Linnea Berthelsen as Kali (Eight).

5. Charlie Heaton as Jonathan.

6. Natalia Dyer as Nancy.

7. Finn Wolfhard as Mike.

8. Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven.

9. Joe Chrest as Mr. Wheeler.

10. Cara Buono as Mrs. Wheeler.

11. Randy Havens as Mr. Clarke.

12. Joe Keery as Steve.

13. Dacre Mongomery as Billy

14. David Harbour as Chief Hopper

15. Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers

16. Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin

(h/t: Buzzfeed)