16 Struggles that Only Girls with Thunder-Thighs will Understand

This world has finally entered the phase where it has learned be appreciative towards the goddess-ness that is thick thighs. If you cannot stop yourself from giving a nod whenever a Rihanna’s pic, you’d know exactly what I am talking about.

One goddess toa nother- having that delicious thickness is not easy. You have your struggles and you think that you are alone but nope. We all have been there. In case, you think that I am lying, think again.

This is not a drill. The struggle is real.



1. The thigh-rub is the mortal enemy of your jeans.

2. Life can be quite hard with your things chaffing around all the time.


3. Turning into a cute puddle around you.

4. Then, there is ripped jeans in your closet which you love but it simply doesn’t love you back.

5. Raise a hand if you are too well-accustomed to this problem?

6. And the pain of having some extra thigh and hips always stays.

7. This is the kind of positivity we all need in our life.

True Dat! 😀😁🙌#bigthighs #moresnacks #imhungry #getinmylap

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8. Baby powder is the best friend of every woman who is thick.

9. Pulling off a belt loop because you got no zero chills.

10. Maybe that’s how humans discovered fire. Thank you, chafing.

10. You’ll see your most loyal fan once you look down.

12. We all have own personal heater in winters.

13. Very clever approach to whoever doesn’t appreciate those babies. Gotta try them.


14. *Stands and claps until hands turn blood red*


15. Nothing compares to the goodness and thickness that are these thighs.


16. When your thighs rub together so much that they cause tearing on the seams of your pants.