Studies Reveals That Instant Noodles Are Killing You Slowly, Stop Eating Them Right Away!

We all love munching on instant noodles. The slurping curls make your taste buds explode from time to time and also they are the best emergency food. All those times when you had nothing to feed upon, instant noodles were right by your side.

You just cannot deny the love you have or had for them. However, do you know how unhealthy it is for you? No, right? It has many hazardous health effects. In case, you do not believe me, I have listed them down in the below compilation.


1. Instant noodles increase the chances of miscarriage.

Instant noodles are inclusive of certain products which can harm the fetus and expose it to a higher risk of miscarriage.


2. Consists of Bisphenol A (BPA) which is a toxin.

The containers that noodles come in are made up of toxic material- Bisphenol. It has been found to be severe health effects such as breast cancer and prostate.


3. It consists of MSG.

Almost every product out there contains Monosodium Glutamate that is a flavor enhancer. You can find it in everything including salad dressings, Chinese food, crackers and canned soup. Many studies have shown that it can result in a headache, indigestion and flushing face while other researchers have direct to its link to Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


4. The digestion pattern of how the body works in case of homemade and instant noodles.

A small camera actually tracked down what happens after we consume both the kind of noodles. The actual harmful effects of instant noodles can be seen after two hours of eating the noodles.


5. One of the other ingredients includes propylene glycol.

You can find propylene glycol in shampoos and conditioners. Instant noodles is another product in which its found. After digestion, it weakens the immune system, kidney and liver.


6. One of the reasons for hair loss.

It is not yet known which ingredient contributes to it but consumption of instant noodles. According to studies, instant noodles have been linked to baldness in Japanese men.


7. Causes bloating.

One other side effect of eating instant noodles is bloating. If you are feeling your waist size increase suddenly, you can blame instant noodles. When the stomach protrudes more than what it normally does, it results in bloating.


8. Results in obesity.

Instant noodles are a home to syrup, sugar, salt, flavoring and edible vegetable oil. These ingredients are also found in other products which make you go bigger. So if you are aiming for staying fit, instant noodles are not for you.


9. So many preservatives.

The reason that noodles stay fresh for so long is that it contains preservatives. Although they are in small quantity, the more you consume noodles the more these preservatives go inside your body.


10. Sodium is in there.

One of the main reasons instant noodles taste so good is because of high levels of sodium. However, the proportions in which it is available can make our kidneys and hearts weak subjecting us to illness.


11. Bad for people who want to live a healthy life.

If you are a person who consumes instant noodles two or three times a week, all your attempts to live a healthier lifestyle will fail.


12. Metabolic syndrome risk.

If you are a regular consumer of instant noodles, the risk of metabolic syndrome increases, especially if you are a woman.


13. Lack important nutrients.

Instant noodles have no nutrients like vitamins, minerals or protein. On top of that, it absorbs other nutrients while digestion and hence any healthy food you had will lose its efficacy.

(h/t: CultureHook)