15 Most Suspicious Things ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Did

Who is that fella unaware of the greatness that is The Big Bang Theory? Is it you? Huh? If yes, then we are sorry to inform you that you are undeserving to live on the planet Earth as you know it. The star cast of the show ruled the reign of our hearts, unleashing their unmatchable acting talents and magnetic charm.

But apart from all that almost-exaggeration, there are a number of things about the very popular cast you might not be aware of at all. Their dirty secrets are spilled all over the place. All you can do is have a look.



1. Sliding into the cast of a film.

There’s nothing new about the fact that all of us have lied at some point to nail the job interview to get the job. Well, Simon Helberg bluffed his way into being cast in a role for a movie just because he wanted to meet Meryl Streep.

Simon plays the role of a pianist for the Streep’s tone-deaf character.


2. Mayim Bialik did the nasty.


She talked about their pays in the TV series saying that Kaley gets much higher pay than her i.e., one million dollars per episode while she only makes $100,000. Later the main leads took a pay cut so that the pay of Mayim and Melissa Rauch could be increased.


3. Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco were in a relationship.

The co-stars hid the fact that they were dating for a course of two years as they thought that their relationship will last longer. There were a lot of speculations surrounding them over that time so much so that the stars have to come forward to tell everyone that they are in fact not dating.

Once they broke up, they accepted the fact about their relationship. The things were pretty awkward for the fans and them for a while.


4. Kaley Cuoco couldn’t control her words.

In an interview she gave in 2014, she admitted that she doesn’t think about feminism at all because she hasn’t been treated unequally.

Obviously, she received immense backlash for her statement. An apology was issued by her after it in which she mentioned that her words taken out of context.


5. Kunal Nayyar got big headed after he started filming the show.

Kunal Nayyar admitted that he wasn’t at all like Raj when he started filing the show. Only after eight episodes of the TV series were filmed, he started going around in clubs demanding to be let into clubs based on his power to be cast as of such a big show.

Chuck Lorre had to sit with him and tell him about how he should behave in the industry.


6. Sharing her thoughts about Thanksgiving.

Mayim is said to be as smart as her reel life character in the TV series. She even created her own shampoo but when it comes to giving statements, she gives zero damns.

She said before Thanksgiving- she doesn’t like the day because innocent Turkeys are slaughtered and she feels ashamed to be a part of the country that celebrates genocide.


7. Penny and Leonard are married.

With Howard and Bernadette welcoming their second child fans have been wondering whether Leonard and Penny will be welcoming their first kid.

In the recent interviews, Kaley said that it’s hard to work with kids on sets as they are the biggest of divas. So we have no idea what’s coming for them in the future.


8. The diva effect.

Her backstage antics have been hard to handle. From her makeup to the food being catered and mood swings, you name it and she has it. This created a lot of issues as she flipped out on the smallest things that led to negativity around the sets.

It was even rumored that  Christina Applegate will replace her season 10.


9. Kevin Sussman ignored a writer once thinking that she is a fan.

Stuart Bloom gradually became a regular part of the cast as his character slowly gained more and more popularity. Hence, his screen time compared to the earlier seasons of the show increased as well.

A writer named Maria once saw him outside of work and just wanted to say hi but he acted as if he couldn’t remember her and treated her like a fan. Maria recalls the events stating that he behaved in a certain way which indicated that she was disturbing his date.


10. Moved on from her ex too quick.

As soon as Kaley and her then-husband, Ryan, broke up, the media was filled with the news Kaley dating stars including Arrow star Paul Blackthorne, country singer Sam Hunteven her co-star on The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki.


11. Her opinion on parenting.

She is a believer in co-parenting. Posting how she breastfed her son until the age of four, she allowed her two sons to sleep with her.

She was under the fire as people disagreed with her. Maybe she doesn’t understand the concept of having an opinion and not advertising it.


12. She disrespected the American flag.

When she posted this snap on Instagram with her dog sitting on the flag. Many fans thought that she was showing disrespect.

US Flag code states that the flag should not touch the ground and in this picture it clearly is. Later, Kaley apologized to her fans.


13. The real reason why she divorced.

It is being said that the details of her divorce are sketchy. Apparently, most of the blame in her divorce with Ryan Sweeting is placed on him and his addiction to painkillers but she played her part as well.

While he was recovering from back surgery, she would go out to drink with her friends without the wedding band.


14. Mayim implied that only attractive women get assaulted.

As Harvey Weinstein news hit the head headline, Mayim also contributed through an essay entitled “Being a Feminist in Harvey Weinstein’s World” and she received immense backlash for the same.

People said in their posts that her essay implies that only attractive women get abused. Later, she apologized stating that her words were taken out of context and she is proud of women who came forward about the abuse.


15. Jim snubbed his costars the wrong way.

One might think that after working on 10 seasons together, the cast members of the popular sitcom will be a family but nope. Jim decided to sit with his Hidden figures castmates just because they were nominated for outstanding performance.

He would always sit with his The Big Bang theory cast but he informed them weeks ago that he won’t be sitting with them for the mentioned year. However, that didn’t stop Kaley from overreacting on the red carpet.