Teachers Spoke Up On #ArmMeWith Movement After Trump’s Tweet On Arming Teachers For Student’s Security

You must have heard the phrase, “You do not fight fire with fire”. The phrase is taken from Shakespeare’s play King John 1595. The line means, not to respond to an attack by using a similar method as one’s attacker.

The reason why I brought this up is due to a fact that caused a stir on social media after the present U.S President Mr. Donald Trump made a statement regarding protective issues on Wednesday at a town hall on account of the Florida shooting that took place on 14th Feb. 2018.



Tweets by the POTUS on 22nd Feb. 2018.

While the discussion was going on in the White House Trump asked if anyone was in favor of the idea of arming school teachers as a protective measure, only a few agreed, but when he asked again how many were against it, the majority of the people in the room agreed to disagree with the whole idea.

After this situation was widespread, teachers across the country spoke out with ideas that they’d rather be armed with than guns.


The whole idea of creating a voice for the teachers to stand together as one and fight this soul-breaking incident was started by two teachers, Brittany Wheaton and Olivia Bertels. They met on social media when Wheaton reached out to Bartels on the issue of being against to putting more guns in schools. They created the idea of spreading this message and awareness and came up with the #armmewith movement. 

Brittany Wheaton 27, a graduate of Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

Wheaton worked at Penta previously, a vocational Highschool in Ohio, she is now currently pursuing a doctorate in curriculum and instruction. She has over 58k followers on her Instagram account.


“Since teachers are the individuals in the classroom when it happens, I like to think we know what’s best for our students,” Wheaton said.

She also added, “If you’re an educator, you know that [more guns] is not a solution to stopping the violence that’s happening in our schools. Knowing that, I decided to start the #armmewith movement, where ACTUAL teachers give their solutions to what’s happening.” 

Olivia Bertels, 27, Post Graduate of The Universty of Kansas.

Bertels is currently working as a 6th and 7th Grade English Teacher at BASEHOR-LINWOOD USD 458. She has over 21k followers on her Instagram account.

Bertel says, “There is an incredible, robust community of teachers on social media who work together to share ideas, [and] support one another.” 


The #armmewith movement soon spread everywhere on social media which prompted teachers across the nation to join the movement.

All of them posted pictures with the hashtag for the need of development and books that will teach the students to be alert.

And some, for mental therapy and healthcare which is an important aspect of dealing with student’s psychology.

This is a movement that I can 100% get on board with. If you’ve heard me talk about my class size the last couple years, you will not be surprised that this is one of my hot button issues. In the mind of children, negative attention is still attention, and I believe that as we raise class sizes, overload teachers, and cut support, we will continue to see major behavioral, social, and emotional issues rise to unparalleled levels. I think that reaching out to educators about ways that we can be PROactive, not reactive, in the education world to reduce violence of any kind is absolutely one of the best places to start making a change! . . . . . #ArmMeWith #RealTalk #IssuesInEducation #iTeach2nd #iTeach3rd #TeacherLife #TeachersOfInstagram #TeacherCommunity #TargetTeachers

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And the movement continued on Twitter as well.

It’s all about the motivation and support which are the basic necessities.

“An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind”, we understand Trump’s idea of stating that defense mechanism might be of some help, but it’s a school we’re talking about. An institution where children are offered education. The moment an armed force is subjugated in such a platform, the innocence and safety of the premises will be buried forever. Instead of accepting an arm protection, we must all stand together and help the needs who lack in social awareness and the danger of weaponry.

(h/t: BuzzFeed)