Teacher’s Genius Plan To Teach Her Class Why They Should Always Wash Their Hands Goes Viral

Being a teacher is tough because you have to help kids understand vital life lessons. You hold the power to shape young minds for the better or worse. This is a nerve-wracking responsibility, but with a little creativity, most teachers get the job done.


One teacher, Courtney Lee Simpson, came up with a genius plan to teach her class why they should always wash their hands. She labelled three plastic bags: Controlled, Clean Hands, and Dirty.

She then put on gloves and put a piece of bread into the plastic bag labelled “Controlled”. She then sealed it and taped it on the wall for everyone to see. She then washed her hands, while all the kids were watching, and then put another piece of bread in the “Clean Hands” bag and did the same.

But then she did something different.

She passed the third piece of bread around, allowing each dirty little hand to touch it. Afterwards, she put that piece into the “Dirty” bag. The bags were then left and she let time take over the lesson from there. Each piece of bread was affected differently.

What happened? Well… Let me show you.

It’s a gross lesson, but the proof is in the pudding. Not washing your hands may not look like a disgusting habit, but look at that third piece of bread. There is no doubt that the children will remember this lesson for a long time to come. I bet there was a long line of children waiting to wash their hands during recess that day.


Such simple methods are a great way to stimulate young minds, and we hope that there are more teachers out there like her. Because if that’s the case, our children are in safe (and clean!) hands.

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