This Teen Tweeted That Her Mother Is An Angel And People Are Getting Mushy

I think even if I wrote a whole book on a mother’s undying love and kindness it’ll still be less. So, let’s not talk about the Superwoman tag, I mean common! We post pictures and quotes about our mothers on social media vomiting out words that we never say to them directly, like ever!

All they need is attention and love towards them as well, you don’t have to go overboard to show them that. Even a small gesture can bring a huge smile on their faces. I bet you when my mum smiles genuinely, I feel like a 6-inch subway can fit in her mouth easily sideways!

Teens are the hardest to control and mums got the most important job to keep their teens sane, here is a cute realization of a 19-year-old about how angelic her mum is and it’s melting people’s heart everywhere.



It’s never too late for anything as long as the feeling is genuine.

Amelia Holjencin is a 19-year-old girl who recently realized how lucky she feels to have an angelic mother that stays with her through any hardships. She recalls giving her a hard time by being mean to her as a 15-year-old.

The resemblance is uncanny and their bond is jealous worthy!


The mother-daughter duo is stronger than ever.

Amelia says, “My mom and I have always had a power struggle.I just hated when she would tell me ‘no’.”

They are so cute and funny.

After Amelia shared the tweets, people started posting their own versions and it’s beautiful.

All they need to know is, you love them too.

I don’t think I’ll ever get the idea around my head on how much a mother can love her child, it’s just something hard to explain. Maybe it will all be clear when we become a parent someday. Anyways, now I feel like I need to call her and tell her that I’m the hardest child to be with and I’m grateful that she always stood by my side.

S.N: The annoying phonecalls though!

(h/t: indy100)